In every MRE that goes to the battlefield, there is something that you remember at home

The ready meals to eat in just minutes and without the use of kitchen or elements of heat seem futuristic things but it turns out that also in this field as in many others throughout history the war industry went ahead in time. The armies, especially the US Army since the 80s used a meal to supply soldiers in battle that contains all the meals of the day contained in hermetically sealed bags, whose interior in contact with the water generates a set of chemical reactions that warms the contents of the bag providing the soldier with a sufficient, warm and nutritious food ration that will provide all the calories and energy necessary to maintain it during a combat. These rations are called mre thanks to its acronym in English. Although they were invented and used for the first time by the United States military, at present the armed forces of many countries have their buy MRE.

It is striking how each country gives a touch of its own culture to each bag or ration, something that could be standardized and be marketed equally for all, results from a singularity and unique format for each country when MRE for sale. The army together with specialists determine what food each ration must have, depending on its availability and pre-cooking possibilities, some typical elements of each country may be integrated or not, in some way the soldier is required to undergo a great deal of pressure, get something in your food ration that is familiar and pleasant to eat to comfort your soul and body. The soldiers will always be grateful to find in their food elements that remind them that they have the duty to return home safely, and once there with the mission accomplished taste the new flavors to which they are accustomed. Your ration of combat food is your guarantee of super experience.